Sunday, the 21st of August, 2016

the birthday boy, center, his mom, dad and lots of people who love him
On the 21st of August, we had a killer party here at the Blystone abode for James' 40th birthday. His parents were here, from New Jersey and Seattle and many many of his close friends, along with our daughter, (the love of his life - ok, so I'm jumping to conclusions), Brynnly.
Must admit that this time around I had little to do with the cooking, but I, of course, offered much advice, which was generally ignored. HMPH!

The menu was:

1 - pulled brisket
3 - tomato-mozzarella salad
4 - watermelon-feta salad
5 - green salad
6 - lots and lots of sides
7 - birthday  cakes

What a wonderful night it was! We went late and all of us had a marvelous time! GB and I met his mom for the first time and got to spend time with his dad and James' brother and sister and other family members. Also got to meet many of his nearest and dearest friends. Just a good good time! 


See you on Sunday!


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