Sunday, the 14th of July 2016, COMO

From top: sliced tomatoes & basil, barbecued pork ribs, rosemary & sea-salt focaccia, teriyaki
tenderloin of venison. For dessert we had a wonderful plum galette.
Last night was the last Sunday Family Dinner for me here in COMO as I fly home tomorrow morning. As always, a wonderful evening was had by all! This time around, the cousins brought most of the food, with mom contributing her outrageous rosemary focaccia and me slicing a bunch of home-grown tomatoes and basil leaves and ~artfully arranging~ them on a plate (HA!). Cousins Tom and Cathy brought Tom's family famous ribs and a teriyaki tenderloin of venison. Curt and Pat (well, actually just Pat) brought oven-roasted potatoes, always good, and the most delicious plum dessert I've ever had! Haven't had a galette before, but I certainly will again! Of course, the evening ended with game night and, of course, once again, we girls won!

1 - Tom's barbecued pork ribs & teriyaki tenderloin of venison
2 - oven-roasted potatoes
3 - sliced home-grown tomatoes w/fresh basil

1 - Cousin Tom isn't about to give up his barbecued pork ribs recipe - I asked! As for the venison? You gotta be a hunter! Tom and his son-in-law always go deer hunting when they're in season. Though I don't think they process/harvest the meat - that's farmed out to the rendering experts - they certainly serve and eat what they harvest (read kill). The only kind of hunting I approve of. (If you hunt or harvest to put food on your table, I'm all for it!) Tom said all he did was marinate the deer tenderloin in teriyaki sauce and the roast it in the oven just till it was rare. It was delicious!

2 - Cousin Pat brought the potatoes. Easy to do - just chunk up some potatoes up, season with whatever herbs you like - Pat used rosemary, pepper and salt - and bake in a hot 450º oven for around 40 minutes. Delicious! 

3 - In the summertime, whether they're from your own garden or a farmer's market, there's nothing better than sliced tomatoes with basil leaves. Cottage cheese, especially if it's Central Dairy's, just adds to the goodness. 

4 -  MumBum's rosemary & sea salt focaccia. Talk about decadent! Mom never measures anything but always knows the right amounts to throw together to make the perfect focaccia - or loaf of bread! Go here and you'll find the recipe....it's really worth it!

5 - Again from cousin Pat. Aside from my mom's pies and crisps, I've never tasted a better dessert than this one! Absolutely delicious! Go here for this recipe that was first published by Woman's Day magazine


See you on Sunday!

Gathered 'round: cousins Tom & Cathy, Curt & Pat, mom & dad and me!

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